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Identification and Plating Services

Identification and Plating Certificates

The One Cent Franklin Plating Archive now offers a certificate of authenticity service specifically for the United States One Cent Stamp Issue of 1851-1861. This service helps the Archive offset operating costs and helps build the Archive into the research vehicle that it is now fast becoming. It also allows the Archive to document expensive and otherwise difficult material to acquire. As of October 1st 2014, we have had to increase our fee. We are currently trying to raise enough money to purchase a modern high resolution digital camera system as our current method of photographing and scanning is quite labor intense.

How To Get A Certificate:

The cost of this service is $16.00 USD per single stamp, pair, strip or block, plus return mailing cost. We highly recommend you package your stamps in plastic dealer display cards individually. 1 stamp per card, and then in a plastic or glassine envelope for additional protection.

Mail To:

Send via Priority, Certified or Registered Mail with postal insurance to:
Sonic Imagery Labs
c/o Richard Doporto
PO Box 20494
Castro Valley California 94546

Personal cheques, Money Orders and Paypal is accepted. Personal cheques, Money Orders to be payable to Sonic Imagery Labs. Our small cadre of platers will identify your examples down to the specifc plate and position. This can't always be done but we will certainly, at the minimum, confirm Scott number, Type and condition.

What you get in return:

A very nice certificate. The high resolution image will be used in our plating database and if the main images is of your stamp, a "courtesy of" notation is placed on the web page.

How Long Does It Take

We usually can turn around your items in less than 4 weeks.

Questions and Contact Infomation

I can answer your questions via email. I can be reached at: nerdman@ix.netcom.com


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I can be reached at: nerdman@ix.netcom.com
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