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News and Progress

February 20th 2020
Added or corrected 10L3, 19L3, 20L3, 58L3 and 59L3.

January 7th, 2019
Added 21L4, 25L4, 26L4.

January 6th, 2019
Added or revised 19L4, 20L4, 22L4, 24L4.

June 30th, 2018
Added or revised 44R2.

January 27th, 2018
Revised 96R4, Added 91L4, 92L4, 94L4, 95L4, 96L4 and 100L4. Updated the Acknowledgements and Contributors page.

January 20th, 2018
Revised 23L4, 24L4, Added 13L4 and 11L4.

January 9th, 2018
Added or revised 45L1E, 48L1E, 49L1E, 50L1E.

November 5th, 2017
Added or revised 5R4, 5L4, 6L4, 8L4, 9L4, 10L4.

November 4th, 2017
Revised the structural framework of the over all archive. This is due to the internet changing on Oct 17th 2017, requiring support for security.

January 20th, 2016
Added or revised 89R4, 90R4, 82R4, 88R4, 86R4, 84R4, 83R4, 81R4, 79R4, 78R4, 77R4, 72R4, 73R4, 74R4, 66R4, 65R4, 51R4, 60R4, 59R4, 58R4, 57R4, 55R4, 54R4, 53R4, 52R4, 30R4, 29R4, 20R4, 62R4, 27R4, 50R4, 47R4, 46R4, 44R4, 43R4, 42R4, 41R4, 45R4, 49R4, 34R4, 40R4, 37R4, 36R4, 35R4, 31R4, 32R4, 33R4, 16R4, 24R4, 14R4, 23R4, 13R4, 28R4, 19R4, 22R4, 9R4, 10R4, 3R4, 4R4, 7R4, 8R4, 6R4, 1R4, 5R4, 2R4, 93R4, 92R4, 95R4, 99R4.

December 6th, 2015
Added 60R2 and revised 21L1E, 67R1E.

November 20, 2015
Added or revised 1R4, 2R4, 3R4, 4R4, 5R4. 6R4, 7R4, 8R4, 9R4, 10R4. Added 92R4, 93R4, 94R4, 95R4 and 99R4.

November 5, 2015
Added 21L9, 22L9, 23L9, 25L9, 27L9 and revised 28L9.

October 29, 2015
Revised or added 72R1E and 51L1E.

July 31 2015
Added 9L1E and revised 4L1E, 6L1E, 9L1E, 19L1E

October 29th 2014
Added 24L3, 25L3 and 26L3

October 5th 2014
Added 96R2, 91R2, 77R2, 75R2, 72R2, 62R2, 57R2, 56R2, 55R2, 54R2, 52R2, 51R2, 36R2, 47R2, 45R2, 35R2, 34R2, 33R2, 32R2, 13R2, 12R2, 3R2, and 2R2 from the Ex-Hind Sheet of 70. Thanks to images and scans from Dick Celler and Schyler Rumsey Auctions. The right pane is essentially complete except for 99R2.

September 5th 2013
Revised the left pane of Plate 5 to current page formatting standards. Added or revised 100L5, 90L5, 83L5, 81L5, 77L5, 76L5, 73L5, 72L5, 94L5, 54L5, 51L5, 52L5, 46L5, 45L5, 43L5, 33L5, 29L5, 27L5, 23L5, 17L5, 13L5, 12L5, 11L5, 10L5. 6L5, 1L5.

August 21st 2013
Removed 3R2 because it was really 1R2, revised 1R2 to include additional plating info. Revised 24L2 and 79R2 with new plating marks. It should be noted that even though not listed here, there have been many corrections and minor fixes done to the archive throughout the year. Mostly trivial stuff.

November 30th 2012
Added 13L1E, 14L1E, 37L1E, 38R1E, 39L1E, 54L1E, 55L1E, 56L1E.

November 29th 2012
Added or revised 10L1E, 96R1E, 97R1E

November 25th 2012
Updated a number of Plate 1Early Left pane pages, added or revised 3L1E, 12L1E, 15L1E, 16L1E, 17L1E, 19L1E, 21L1E, 41L1E, 49L1E, 61L1E, 62L1E, 79L1E, 81L1E, 82L1E, 83L1E, 84L1E, 88L1E, 89L1E, 96L1E, 97L1E.

February 14th 2012
Corrected and updated a number of Plate 2 pages, Added 57L2, Added some Floobydust items.

February 12th 2012
Corrected a bad link in TOC pointing to 47L1L when it should be pointing to 47R1L. Corrected 57L5 and added 53R5. Misc corrections and got rid of the webring code that seemed to capture and screw up the main landing page.

September 6th 2010
Added 7R2, 14R2, 15R2, 16R2, 17R2, 18R2, 20R2, 24R2, 25R2, 26R2, 27R2, 28R2, 36R2, 41R2, 53R2, 73R2, 74R2, 78R2, 83R2, 84R2, 85R2, 87R2, 88R2 and 93R2. Revised various other right pane things.

September 5th 2010
Added 1L2 and corrected various errors from the plate 2 left update of July 2010

July 21st 2010
Added 4L2, 17L2, 18L2, 22L2, 26L2, 31L2, 32L2, 36L2, 39L2, 41L2, 42L2, 46L2, 49L2, 50L2, 59L2, 73L2, 77L2, 92L2, 93L2, 94L2, 99L2, 100L2.

April 7th 2010
Revised 24L9, 41L9, 52L9 and 93L9.

March 31st and April 1st 2010
Added 16R9, 18R9, 24R9, 27R9, 30R9, 38R9, 42R9, 45R9, 49R9, 54R9, 55R9, 56R9, 63R9, 64R9, 65R9, 68R9, 71R9, 73R9, 74R9, 76R9, 78R9, 87R9, 88R9, 97R9, 99R9, and revised 86R9, 85R9, 95R9, 96R9 and 98R9.

March 26th 2010
Added or revised 99L9, 96L9, 98L9, 93L9, 86L9, 85L9, 78L9, 75L9, 62L9, 57L9, 52L9, 41L9, 30L9, 31L9, 28L9, and 14L9.

February 5th 2010
Added or revised 12R10, 13R10, 14R10, 16R10, 22R10, 28R10, 32R10, 42R10, 43R10, 52R10, 53R10, 54R10, 61R10, 62R10, 63R10, 64R10, 67R10, 68R10, 69R10, 70R10, 73R10, 74R10, 75R10, 79R10. The right pane of the Plate 10 reconstruction is essentially complete. Additional info and images will be added as they are discovered and confirmed.

January 23rd 2010
Revised 31L9, 3R10, 4R10, 5R10 and 6R10.

January 3rd 2010
Added 26L8, 28L8, 38L8. Revised 80L8, 30L8, 27L8. Corrected errors on 93R7, 94R7, 51R7, 34R7, 35R7, 36R7, 21R7, 31R7.

December 27th 2009
Added 41R7, 42R7, 43R7, 44R7, 67R7, 69R7, 73R7, 79R7, 80R7, 24L7, 34L7, 40L7, 44L7, 45L7, 46L7, 47L7, 55L7 and 78L7.

December 19th thru the 25th 2009
Added 7R7, 8R7, 9R7, 11R7, 13R7, 14R7, 15R7, 16R7, 17R7, 18R7, 20R7, 21R7, 30R7, 31R7, 34R7, 35R7, 36R7, 39R7, 40R7, 83R7, 85R7, 89R7, 90R7, 93R7, 94R7 and 100R7.

July 3rd-6th 2009
Added 7L7, 11L7, 12L7, 13L7, 14L7, 18L7, 22L7, 30L7, 33L7, 41L7, 72L7, 73L7, 79L7, 92L7, 93L7, 95L7, 96L7 and 97L7. Revised images on 48L7, 49L7, 50L7.

June 28th 2009
Corrected some typos and word fumbles. 2L2, 23L2 and 37R2.

May 17th 2009
Revised 12L4, 45L4, 46L4, 65L4, 67L4, 81L4, 8R4, 11R4, 26R4, 29R4, 35R4, 36R4, 67R4, added 68R4,

May 16th 2009
Revised 1L4, 2L4, 3L4, 14L4, 15L4, 16L4, 43L4. Added 36L4 which was misidentified as 20L4.

May 13th 2009
Added 4R10, 5R10, 14R10, 15R10, 25R10, 26R10, 29R10, 31R10, 37R10, 44R10, 45R10, 76R10, 77R10, 78R10, 80R10, 83R10, and 93R10

May 9th 2009
Added 1L10, 2L10, 11L10, 12L10, 17L10, 18L10, 27L10, 32L10, 37L10, 42L10, 45L10, 46L10, 48L10, 52L10, 55L10, 71L10, 72L10, 81L10, 82L10, 83L10, 87L10, 88L10, 97L10, 98L10, and 99L10. The left pane of Plate 10 reconstruction is essentially complete. Additional info and images will be added as they are discovered.

May 2nd 2009
Added 2R4, 8R4, 11R4, 14R4, 21R4, 26R4, 35R4, 36R4, 38R4, 44R4, 46R4, 53R4, Revised 59R4, 60R4, 67R4, 75R4, 96R4 and 91R4.

April 30th 2009
Added 65L4, 66L4, 67L4, 80L4, 81L4, 86L4, 87L4, 93L4, and 97L4.

April 29th 2009
Added 20L4, 23L4, 24L4, 27L4, 32L4, 38L4, 43L4, 45L4, 46L4 and 50L4.

April 28th 2009
Added 1R4, 2L4, 4L4, 14L4, 15L4 and 18L4.

January 9th 2009
Revised 17L8, 18L8, 19L8, 20L8 and 11R8.

December 15th, 2008
Added 11R8, 39R8, 54R8, 67R8, 69R8, 89R8, and 97R8

December 11th, 2008
Added 29L1L, 53L1L and 54L1L. The plate 1 late reconstruction is essentially complete. Additional info and images will be added as they are discovered.

October 7th, 2008
Corrected typographical errors on 21L10 and 30L10.

August 14th, 2008
Revised 33R10, Updated 29R9 with additional plating marks, Added 80R9.

August 9-10th, 2008
Added 6R10, 9R10, 10R10, 11R10, 18R10, 19R10, 20R10, 21R10, 23R10, 24R10, 30R10, 33R10, 34R10, 36R10, 38R10, 39R10, 40R10, 41R10, 48R10, 49R10, 50R10, 51R10, 55R10, 57R10, 59R10, 60R10, 65R10, 66R10, 70R10, 71R10, 72R10, 73R10, 81R10, 82R10, 84R10, 85R10, 87R10, 91R10, 92R10. Revised 56R10, 58R10, 61L10.

June 4th, 2008
Revised 15L10, Added 16L10, 19L10, 21L10, 26L10, 28L10, 30L10, 31L10, 33L10, 38L10, 39L10, 40L10, 41L10, 44L10, 51L10, 53L10, 54L10, 61L10, 62L10, 69L10, 70L10, 79L10, 84L10, 89L10, 90L10, 91L10, 92L10, 93L10, 94L10. Hopefully within the next 3 weeks I can get the next 41 postions of right pane of Plate 10 updated. It has been ignored since February 2006.

June 2nd, 2008
Revised 12R2 which is really 58L2. Other minor updates.

April 8th, 2008
Revised 100L8, 8L2 and 96L9 with additional plating marks.

February 13th, 2008
Revised 97R7, 98R7 and 99R7

January 22nd, 2008
Revised 52R9. Added 11R9, 21R9, 32R9, 41R9, 44R9, 46R9, 47R9, 51R9, 53R9, 62R9, 69R9, and 70R9.

January 18-19th, 2008
Added 11L9, 12L9, 13L9, 24L9, 29L9, 33L9, 38L9, 43L9, 47L9, 54L9, 67L9, 68L9, 69L9, 70L9, 72L9, 77L9, 78L9, 79L9, 82L9, and 96L9.

January 15th, 2008
Added 12R8.

January 7th, 2008
Revised 32R8, Added 31R8, 38R8, 51R8, 62R8, 63R8, 73R8, 82R8, 83R8, 92R8, 93R8

December 22nd, 2007
Revised 22L8 and 23L8 with additional plating marks. Added 52L8, 75L8, 76L8, 77L8, 88L8, 96L8.

December 18th, 2007
Revised 26R8, Uploaded 33L8, 34L8, 37L8, 44L8, 2R8, 8R8, 13R8, 15R8, 19R8, 25R8, 26R8, 90R8, 94R8, 98R8, 99R8, 100R8. More to come.

December 15th, 2007
Revised 21L8, Uploaded 22L8, 23L8 and 24L8.

July 7th, 2007
Revised 22R2

May 18th, 2007
I had been neglecting updates whilst working on Plate 8, which is nearly complete digitally. Since I am a ways away from finishing Plate 8 updates I jumped to Plate 10 which is a far less numerous update. Added 22L10, 23L10, 24L10, 25L10 29L10, 34L10, 35L10, 36L10, 43L10, 56L10, 57L10, 58L10, 63L10, 64L10, 65L10, 66L10, 67L10, 68L10, 73L10, 74L10, 75L10, 76L10, 77L10, 78L10, 85L10, 86L10, 95L10, 96L10 and revised 50L10 with new plating marks. Revised 2R2 which is really 8R2.

March 1st, 2007
Revised 99R4 which is really 100R4. Corrected some errors on 97R, 98R4, Removed old "floobydust" stuff which got plated.

January 1st, 2007
Revised the formatting and html templates for all of the 1875 Reprint (Scott 40) section of the website, This will be the standard layout for all pages in the future and the whole site will evenually be updated to incorporate this look. This change will allow me to easily use database software to easily update and track changes without manually editing each page and section as I have been doing in the past.

November 18th, 2006
Added 51L12, 53L12 and 78R12.

November 17th, 2006
Added 35R8, 5R8, Revised 25L2 with new plating marks. Revised 1R8, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9R8, 17R8, 20R8, and 85R8.

November 13th, 2006
Added 17L8, 18L8, 25L8, 27L8, 29L8, 31L8, 32L8, 35L8, 39L8, 40L8, 46L8, 47L8, 48L8, 72L8, 81L8, 83L8. Plate 8 Left is now updated with all currently plated subjects contained within the Archives vaults.

October 3rd, 2006
Revised all Plate 3 subjects, 84R2, 4R1E, 5R1E, 6R1E, 97R1E, 42R2, 61R2, 97L2, 95L2, 40L2, 47L2, Added 95L3, 19L2, 20L2, 13L2, Updated images for 61L2, 62L2, 63L2, 64L2, 39R2, 40R2, 58R2, 59R2, 3R2, 21R2, 68R2.

September 28th 2006
Added or Revised 81R2, 46R2, 43R2, 98R2, 61R2, 64R2, 65R2, 66R2, 97L2, 96L2, 95L2, 40L2, 47L2, 87L2, 88L2, 84L2, 83L2. Added 76L2, 6L2, 56L2, 52R2, 51R2, 22R2, 18R2.

September 21st 2006
Revised 92R2, Added 4R1E, 5R1E, 97R1E, 29L1E, 44L1E

August 8th 2006
Revised 26R1L, 40R1L, 55R1L, 56R1L, 67R1L, 78R1L

July 27th 2006
Added 1R4, 7R4, 18R4, 29R4, 59R4, 63R4, 97R4, 98R4, 99R4

July 25th 2006
Revised 31R1L, 60R1E, 51R1L and 71R1L. The plating marks illustrated on p173 of Ashbrook and p158 of Neinken for Position 51R1L actually belong to Position 71R1L.

June 19th 2006
More basic maintenance after an update. Just got the USPCS 1851 Sesquentennial Retrospective book and will be reading it for several weeks so the next update won't be for awhile.

June 12th 2006
Revised text for numerous Plate 4 Left Pane positions, fixed broken links and uploaded missing images. Basic maintenance after an update.

June 11th 2006
Revised the formatting and html templates for all of Plate 4, This will be the standard layout for all pages in the future and the whole site will evenually be updated to incorporate this look. This change will allow me to easily use database software to easily update and track changes without manually editing each page and section as I have been doing in the past.

I have also added Pos 3L4, 7L4, 55L4, 54L4, 56L4, 87L4, 88L4, 89L4, 98L4, 99L4

February 27th 2006
Removed 54L1L from archive because it is really 99R1L

December 29th 2005
Revised or updated 80L8, 66R8, 85R8, 95R8. Added 14L8, 45L8, 62L8, 70L8, 90L8, 92L8, 61R8, 64R8, 65R8, 74R8, 75R8, 76R8.

December 4th 2005
Revised or updated 54R1L, 55R1L and 95R10 with new plating mark.

November 22nd 2005
Revised or updated 18L1E, 22R1E, 29R1E, 78R1E, 79R1E. Added 33L1E, 43L1E, 68L1E, 27L1E, 18R1E, 85R1E, 86R1E.

November 17th 2005
Revised or updated 5L8, 6L8, 19L8, 43L8, 53L8, 54L8, 55L8, 63L8, 64L8, 65L8, 74L8. Added positions 10R8, 1L8, 2L8, 8L8, 10L8, 11L8, 12L8, 13L8, 15L8, 16L8, 20L8, 21L8, 31L8, 50L8, 56L8, 57L8, 58L8, 59L8, 61L8, 80L8, 89L8, 94L8, 95L8, 98L8, 100L8

November 17th 2005
Added 1R8, 55R8, 66R8, 69R8, 70R8, 79R8, 80R8, 81R8

November 13th 2005
Added 51L7, 52L7, 89L7, 49R7, 57R7, 58R7, 59R7, 60R7, 81R7, 82R7, 83R7, 91R7, Revised 97R7, 98R7 and 99R7

November 10th 2005
Added 15L5, 42L5, 52L5, 67L5, 68L5, 78L5, 88L5, 97L5, 98L5, 99L5

November 8th 2005
Revised 50R8, 3R5, 7R5, 8R5,

November 6th 2005
Revised yet again 20R1L , Added or revised 1 thru 3R5, 6 thru 8R5, 25R5, 42R5 and 67R5

November 4th 2005
Revised 1L1L, 1R1L, 20R1L

September 20th 2005
Added 8R10, 58R10, 94R10, 95R10, 96R10 and 31R9

September 19th 2005
Revised 100L10, 16L9, 22R9, 82R9,

September 18th 2005
Revised 35L9, 44L9, 51L9 and 90L9. Added 31L9, 32L9, 34L9, 42L9, 44L9, 45L9, 46L9, 50L9, 61L9, 65L9, 66L9, 87L9, 88L9, 13R9, 15R9, 19R9, 22R9,23R9, 34R9, 40R9, 43R9, 50R9, 61R9, 82R9, 83R9.

September 8th 2005
Revised 46R10, 56R10, 57L10 and 100L10. Added 7R10, 17R10, 27R10, 1R10, 2R10, 3R10, 47L10, 20L10, 60L10, 59L10, 50L10,
49L10 and 9L10.

September 5th 2005
Revised 44R1L and 30R1L

September 4th 2005
Revised bad link in 9L8, 78R1L, Revised images in 29R1E, 71L1L, 68L1L, 34R1L, 36R1L, 43R1L, 67L2. Revised images and text on 1R5, 2R5, 3R5, 5R5, 11R5, 12R5, 13R5, 16R5, 17R5, 19R5, 20R5, 21R5, 22R5, 23R5, 24R5, 27R5, 28R5, 29R5, 30R5, 32R5, 48R5, 52R5, 59R5, 64R5, 68R5, 70R5, 73R5,82R5, 93R5, 94R5, 95R5 and added
31R5 which was misplated as 71R5.

July 17th 2005
Revised 19L5, 20L5, 40L5, 44L5, 57L5, 61L5, 82L5, 93L5, 95L5. Added or Revised 1R5, 2R5, 3R5, 5R5, 11R5, 12R5, 13R5, 16R5, 17R5, 19R5, 20R5, 21R5, 22R5, 23R5, 24R5, 27R5, 28R5, 29R5, 30R5, 32R5, 48R5, 52R5, 59R5, 64R5, 68R5, 70R5, 71R5, 73R5, 82R5, 93R5, 94R5, 95R5 And lastly updated and revised 41R1L

July 3rd 2005
Added 19L5, 20L5, 28L5, 30L5, 31L5, 40L5, 44L5, 57L5, 61L5, 82L5, 93L5, 95L5.

July 1st 2005
Added 2L7, Revised 3R7, 1R7, 5L7, 6L7, 3L7, 7L7, 8L7.

June 30th 2005
Revised and updated the following positions: 8L7, 7L7 which is really 3L7,
9L7, 98L7, 99L7, and 91L7.

June 22nd 2005
Added 10L7, 10R7, 1L7, 9L7, 1R7, 20L7, 30L7, 2R7, 3L7, 3R7, 4R7, 50R7, 5L7, 5R7, 62L7, 63L7, 67L7, 6L7, 71L7, 81L7, 71R7, 8L7, 7L7, 91L7, 98L7, 99L7, 100L7.

May 20th 2005
Revised 49R2, 45R2 which was misplated and is really 83L2, 42L2 which was misplated and is really 67L2. Thank you Dick Celler for spotting this. I have had to remove the Guestbook as it had been hijacked and was being used as a relay for adult website links again. The Guestbook software security was quite poor and the software provided no ability to moderate so when a better "FREE" Guestbook program is found I will create it again.

May 13th 2005
Revised several Plate 1Late positions and 27L2, 28L2, 29L2,

May 9th 2005
Added 8R12, 23R12. Revised 69R2, 12L2 and added 23L2, 24L2, 25L2, 27L2, 28L2, 29L2, 2R2, 37R2, 42L2, 45R2, 49R2, 5L2, 79R2.

March 24-26th 2005
Revised spelling on 9R9, Updated 7R9 and 64L8 with new confirmed plating marks, added 5R9, 6R9. The top row of Plate 9 is now complete. Updated centerline database with new information on positions 100L8, 41R8, 60L9, 70L9 and 31R9.

March 13th 2005
Revised and updated 10R8, 6R8, 7R8, 68L8 69L8, 4L8, 3L8 47R8, 48R8 Added 9R8 66L8, 67L8, 73L8, 30L8, 71L8, 7L8, 4L8, 4R8, 85L8, 88R8, 65L8.

December 31st 2004
Revised 76R4 which is really 79L4, updated several Plate 4 positions with more detail.

December 25th 2004
Merry Christmas! An update for all you hardcore platers!
Added 35R4, 57R4, 58R4, 76R4, 79R4 and 51L4.

December 24th 2004
Revised 80L10 and 4L1E. Added 95R1E with new plating marks, 80L1E and 95R8.

December 20th 2004
Revised 16R1L and 1L1E. Added 4L1E, 94R2, 80L10.

December 19th 2004
Revised 29R1L, 43L1L, 16R1L, 86L1L and 66R1L. Revised 76R2 and added new plating mark.

November 8th 2004
Removed the Platers Forum because it got hijacked and was being used as a relay
for adult website links. The forums software security was quite poor and the software
provided no ability to moderate so when a better "FREE" bulletin board program is found
I will create it again.

October 18th 2004
Removed 41R1E, which is really 41R1L not showing plate crack.
Removed 78L1E, 79L1E, 80L1E, which is really 18L1E, 19L1E, 20L1E.

October 6th 2004
Added 41R1E, 78L1E, 79L1E, 80L1E, 4L7, 38L5 Type Va, 20R8, 30R8, 97L8 .
Revised 37R8, 47R8 and 61L7 with better images.
10L10, also a new addition, should prove to be interesting, as 2 impressions are
provided, one with center margin plate damage and one impression without.

September 24th 2004
Revised 82R1L and corrected error on 6L10.

August 12th 2004
Added 60L2, 11R2, 12R2, 67R2, 48L2, 47L2, 42R2, 43R2, and 76R2.

August 8th 2004
Added 28L12, 42L12, 52L12, 62L12, 72L12, 65L12, 99L12, 2R12, 3R12,
4R12, 26R12, 75R12, 33R12, 34R12 and 35R12.

July 1st 2004
Added 20R9, 41L9, 81R9, 91-92-93R9, 93-94-95L9, 98R9, 97L9,98L9 and 100L9.
Revised Position 87R1E with a new plating mark.

June 29th 2004
Added 60R7, 70R7, revised 46L1E, updated 23R2 with new plating marks.
Revised 100R2 to show the "11th row effect" of the misplaced "A" relief on plate 2.

April 28th 2004
Added 45R4 and 63R4

April 24th 2004
Added 8L2, 66L2, 67L2, 68L2, 69L2, 70L2, 81L2, 82L2, 91L2 and 86R2.
Updated centerline database with 10L11.

April 13th 2004
Added 3L10 and 13L10. Revised 21R8 and 22R8.

April 11th 2004
Added 21R8, 22R8, 71R8, 72R8, 60R8, 58R8, 57R8, 56R8, 46R8, 36R8, 27R8, 26R8,
17R8, 14R8, 60L8, 64L8, 84L8, 85L8, 86L8 and 87L8. Revised 74L8, and 93L8.

April 7th 2004
Added 17R4 and 87R4

April 1st 2004
Added 65R1L and 66R1L, The right pane is now complete. The following
Positions remain to complete Plate 1Late: 29L1L, 43L1L, 53L1L. Also added or revised
4R2, 5R2, 6R2, 48R2, 80R2, 90R2 and 100R2

March 31st 2004
Added 80L3, 90L3 and 100L3

March 30th 2004
Added a guestbook and hope the plating forum will function correctly.
I may remove it and create a scrolling board instead but haven't been
able to find a PERL script that I like yet.

March 22nd 2004
Added the following positions: 51L1E, 75L1E, 85L1E, 64R1E and 94R1E, Revised 2L1E.

March 17th 2004
Added the following positions: 7L2, 9L2, 29R2, 30R2, 31R2, 50R2,
70R2, 71R2, 89R2, 51-52-53L2, 61L2, 95L2 and revised 95R2

March 14th 2004
Added the following positions: 41L1E, 42L1E, 46L1E, 92L-95L1E, 98L to 100L1E and 2L1E.

March 13th 2004
Revised the Centerline Database for 91R5, Updated images and added new info for 70L1L.

March 12th 2004
Added 23R1E, 24R1E, 62R1E, 63R1E and 69R1E.

March 10th 2004
Added all the remaining PLATE 1 LATE positions not yet in the online Archive. Revised many textual issues. Uploaded all remaining images, in particular Positions 50R1L thru 100R1L . The following Positions remain to complete Plate 1Late: 29L1L, 43L1L, 53L1L, 65R1L and 66R1L.

March 9th 2004
Updated 91R7 and 51R5 centerline database info.

March 4th 2004
Revised text and images for 30R1L thru 36R1L, Added Positions 26R1L thru 30R1L and 37R1L thru 50R1L. Also added 84L1L.

March 2nd 2004
Added the following: Positions 86 to 100 of the 1875 Reprints (Scott 40P). This completes the Archive for this plate. Revised text and images for 11R1L, 12R1L, 21, 22R1L. Added positions 13R thru 20R1L and 23R1L. Added newly discovered plating mark info to 13R1L.

February 18th 2004
Added Positions 8R1L, 9R1L and 11R1L, and revised all top row positions with new images and text.

February 15th 2004
Added Positions 1R1L, 2R1L, 5R1L, 6R1L and revised 4R1L.

January 28th 2004
Added the following: Position 69 to 85 of the 1875 Reprints (Scott 40P)

January 27th 2004
Added or revised Positions 60L1L thru 100L1L. I seemed to of forgot to photograph 84L1L, will upload in a few weeks. 33L 43L and, 53L1L had been so badly scuffed and fake cancels stomped all over it to hide the scuffs, I decided it was to crusty to add to the Archive. When new positions are found, these holes will be filled and uploaded to the Archive. Revised 33R9 with new plating marks.

January 11th 2004
Added or revised Positions 40L1L thru 50L1L
Revised 81R8 with new plating mark.

January 2nd 2004
Added Positions 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 32,
33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 39L1L.
Revised 37L1L and 40L1L as well as lost files for 29L1L.

December 16th, 2003
Added Positions 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20L1L.
Revised several other Plate 1 Late positions.

December 15th, 2003
Added Positions 12R9, 26L9, 29R9, 7L10, 88R10 and 98R10.
Added the rest of the Messmer Collection that is for sale.

December 7th, 2003
Added Positions 1R9, 2R9, 3R9, 4R9, 7R9, 8R9, 9R9, 10R9 and 16L9.
Added new entry into centerline database.

November 22nd, 2003
Added Positions 1L9, 2L9, 3L9, 4L9, 5L9, 6L9, 7L9, 8L9, 9L9 and 10L9.

November 12th, 2003
Added Positions 31L7, 51R7 and 78R7.

November 12th, 2003
Added Positions 30L4, 52L4, 69R4, 70R4, and 73L4. Added new entry into centerline database.

November 10th, 2003
Added Positions 19L3, 58R3 and 72R3?

November 9th, 2003
Added Positions 9R2, 10R2, 10L2, 12L2, 38R2, 61R2, 64R2, 65R2, 82R2, 88L2,
89L2, and 90L2. Also revised a number of Plate 2 images as they looked a bit
soft and no longer met with my personal standard.

November 4th, 2003
Added Positions 2R1E, 78R1E, 79R1E and 80R1E. Revised 6R1E and a
number of other Plate 1 Early pages.

October 30th, 2003
Added Positions 91L1E?, 45R1E, 42R1E, 60R1E, 28R1E, 24-25L1E,
59-69-79L1E, 59-60L1E, 62-63-64L1E

October 25th, 2003
Added the beginings of the Centerline Measurements Database.
Added Positions 64 to 70 of the 1875 reprints (Scott 40P)

September 23rd, 2003
Revised 9L8, Added 2L8, 12L8, 40R8, 70R8 and 51L8.
The que of positions not yet uploaded, but plated and photographed stands at 54.

September 18th, 2003
Added 31L5, 32L5, 41L5, 58R9, 59R9, 60R9, AND 46L9
The que of positions not yet uploaded, but plated and photographed stands at 59.

September 15th, 2003
Added 95L9, 94L9, 7L5, 9L5, 9L8, 8L10 and revised 80L5, 6L10, 3L8, 95R9 and 3L5

August 19th, 2003
Added 87R1E, 88R1E and 89R1E. Added 6 new Floobydust subjects

August 18th, 2003
Added 41L8, 42L8, 43L8, 90L8, 41R8, 48R8, 49R8, 50R8, 81R8.

August 12th, 2003
Added four subjects to the Floobydust section. Revised 3L9 with 2 new plating marks.
Added 10L7, 27R7, 37R7 and 98R7.

August 10th, 2003
Added 50R4, 95L2, 19L9, 20L9, 44L9, 89L9, 58R9, 85R9, 86R9, 95R9 AND 96R9
The que of positions not yet uploaded, but plated and photographed stands at 87.

August 6th, 2003
Added 4L10, 5L10, 6L10, 14L10, 15L10, 36R10, 46L10, 89R10, 90R10, 99R10 and 100R10
The que of positions not yet uploaded, but plated and photographed stands at 98.

August 1st, 2003
Back from vacation. There are now 445 plated positions in the Archive.
The que of positions not yet uploaded, but plated and photographed stands at 109.
This does not include the the rest of Plate 1L which has now been reconstructed except for
Position 89R1L. If anyone has an extra copy of this position for sale, please email me.

The Archive has now reached it's 250Mb space limit. The ISP wants an arm and a leg for
another 250Mb of server space. I am currently culling files that are orphans and trying to
make room. We are also looking into finding a new home with more room and lower monthly
cost's. The Archivist will post more in a few days. Feel free to email comments or make donations.

July 18th, 2003
Added 3R8. 6R8, 7R8, 10R8, 16R8, 37R8, 47R8, 50R8, 4L8 and 49R4.
On Vacation from July 21st to July 29th

July 15th, 2003
Revised 8R1L which was really 3R1L. Updated poorly written
text and corrected the loss of images in Plate 5.

July 13th, 2003 PLATE 1L
Added 8R1L, 26L1L, 31L1L, 47R1L, 71L1L, 72L1L, 52L1L,
57L1L and 59L1L. Also corrected some funky text.

July 11th, 2003 PLATE 5
Added 70L5, 80L5, 90L5, 64L5, 74L5, 84L5, 69R5 and 39R5.
Also corrected some missing images.

Added 19R1E, 26L1E, 29R1E, 81, 82 and 83L1E. Also added 91, 92 and 93R1E,
81R1E and another 82R1E. Also updated 90L9 and 51L9 with other plating marks
that have been confirmed by Dick Celler.
PLATE 3 ADDITIONS, Added 98R3, 7L3,
8L3 and 9L3. Working on a revision of 10L4 which is most likely 5R4.

June 28th, 2003
Added 5 subjects to the Floobydust section.

June 21st, 2003
Added the following: Position 46 to 50, 52 to 63 of the 1875 Reprints (Scott 40P).

June 10th, 2003
Added the following: Position 17L1L, 31R1L, 82L1L, 67R1L thru 69R1L and 10L4.
Revised 2L1L and 7L1L.

June 8th, 2003
Added the following: Position 2L1L, 3L1L, 4L1L and 7L1L. These positions
had been loaned to the Archive by Dennis Rice to whom we owe many thanks.

June 1st, 2003
Added the following: Position 100L10, 9L1L, 10L1L, 6R7 and Positions 41 thru 45 of the 1875 Reprints (Scott 40P) .

May 31st, 2003
Added the following: Position 6L1E.

May 24th, 2003
Added the following: Positions 58R2, 85L2, 89R2, 95R2, 3L5, 12R5 and 36L8 gash in head variety.

April 26th, 2003
Added the following: Positions 12L4, 19R2, 3L9, 35L9, 57L10 and 97R10.

April 25th, 2003
Added the following: Positions 5L1L, 60L1L and 94L1L. These positions
having been loaned to the Archive by Dennis Rice to whom we owe many thanks.

April 5th, 2003 My taxes are done so it's time to play.
Added the following: Added new positions 60L7, 2L2, 5R2, 6R2, 37R1L, 38R1L, 39R1L, 40R1L,
91L1L, 92L1L and 93L1L. Some minor corrections and spelling fixes.

April 3rd, 2003
Added the following: Positions detail views of 2nd copies of 97L1L, 87L1L. Added new positions
3R2, 81L2, and 81R2 got updated

April 2nd, 2003
Added the following: Positions 5L8, 6L8, 32R8, 33R8, 34R8, 35R8, 42R8, 43R8, 44R8, 45R8, 52R8, and 53R8.

March 31st, 2003
Added the following: Positions 3L8, 6R8, 19L8, 53L8, 54L8, 55L8 and 63L8, 64L8, and 65L8.

March 29th, 2003
Added the following: Positions 14R9, 33R9 Curl in Hair, 51L9, 52R9 double transfer and 90L9.

March 23rd, 2003
Added the following: Positions 34L1E, 35L1E and 36L1E.

March 22nd, 2003
Added the following: Positions 21R2, 23R2, 64L2, 6L1L and a 2nd copy of 99L1L.

March 20th, 2003
Added the following: Positions 48L7, 49L7, 50L7, 61L7, 80L7, 99L7 Shoulder CURL variety.

March 16th, 2003
Added the following: Positions 2R5, 7L5, 8L5, 39L5 and Positions 31 thru 40 of the
1875 Reprints (Scott 40P).

March 14th, 2003
Added the following: Positions 69R2, and 81R2.

March 13th, 2003
Added the following: Positions 4R1L, 8L1L, 79L7, 17R5, and 19R5.

February 24th, 2003
Added the following: Positions 74L8, 84R8, 85R8, 91R8, Revised 5L8.

February 23rd, 2003
Added the following: Positions 5L8, 21R8, 42-43-44R8, 68L8, 69L8 AND 93L8.

January 25th, 2003
Added the following: Positions 24 thru 30 of the 1875 Reprints (Scott 40P)

January 20th, 2003
Added the following: Positions 3R1L, 44R1L, 46R1E, 47R1E, 48R1E, 49R1E, and 50R1E.
Also added 61L2, 62L2, 63L2 Scott 20, and 63L2 Scott 7,

January 9th, 2003
Added the following Positions 81R1L, 82R1L, 83R1L , 51L1L and 82L1L. 82L1L was contributed by Gary Schrader.

January 7th, 2003
Added the following Positions 32R1L, 53R1L, 54R1L and 64R1L.

January 5th, 2003
Corrected more words, fixed another dead link (Position 14 of the 1875 Reprint). Added Position 88R1e, 89R1e, 90R1e and, 30R2. Also added 7R1L, 69-70L1L pair and 99L1L.

December 28th, 2002
Corrected more words. Added Floobydust Specimen #5, Position 21R2, and 1R2.

December 26th, 2002
Corrected more words. Added Floobydust Specimen #4.

December 22nd, 2002
Added 97R2 and Pos 13 thru 23 to 1875 Reprint Area. Fixed a misdirected link. Added Floobydust Specimen #3.

December 18th, 2002
Finally fixed all the multiframe interlink navigation bugs...I think. If one finds a dead or misdirected link, please email me. Added Positions 6R2, 59R2, 67R2 and 68L2 to the Plate 2 section.

December 17th, 2002
Added Positions 97L3 and Pos 1L1E thanks to the help of Dick Celler and Mark Rogers. Started the Floobydust section to archive. The Floobydust section is the area that the "unable to plate at this moment." stuff is to go. I will be saving these items for a rainy day or until I get my hands on more modern research material. In the mean time, feel free to try and plate the images in this section. I will also try to provide all the info I know about the "unplatable ones" and will stick arrows and notes to anything that appears important. Also corrected a lot of text errors and missing links.

November 21st, 2002
Added Positions 48R1L, 49R1L, Positions 11,12 type II, 13R1E type IIIa to archive.

November 8th, 2002
Added Positions 4 to12 of the Gov't Reprint of 1875. On these pages that have no notation of plating marks in the plating schematic, the JPEG image size is increased to 600 pixels until a verification of plating marks can be made. Perhaps a collector who has some Scott 40's can verify the miscellaneous marks against these images. I am currently working on plating more of some Plate 1 Early subjects. Also added this News and Progress page.

November 1st, 2002
Added Plate 1 Late and Revised Plate 1 Early subjects.

October 26th, 2002
Uploaded a modified framework that should work better for navigation.

October 20th, 2002
Uploaded the beginings of a frame work for the archive.



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