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Acknowledgements and Contributors

December 2008 to December 2017

On our 16th year anniversary, we would like to acknowledge and thank all the people who have loaned collections for photographing and helping to build The One Cent Franklin Plating Archive to what it is today. At the start of creating this website, I was told that there was maybe a dozen people in the country that had an interest in plating the 1¢ issue. For a few years it did feel like that was true, but 16 years later, we can say it is not. We have met lots of folks whom also share the joy as the list of contributors below shows. It is our hope that the art of plating this issue continues to grow. Thank you all.

Jason Thompson
John Kauderman
Nathan Shmalo
Phil Warman, Sun Coast Stamps
Stephen Brown
Michael Cryer
Matthew Todd
Larry Hull
Alan Brooks
Leonard Gaudino
Irvin Cohen
Gil Guard
Jerry Connolly
Glenn Wiser
Mark Leon
Paul Throne
Richard Commander
Joe Lombardo
Allan Williams
Scott Joyce
Richard Brousseau
Lixiong Lee
Phillip Walsh

Jay Kunstreich_GoodsonStamps
John Parks
Kenneth R Dargis

David Barewald


Dr. Robert O. Crossman

Winston Sinclair

Tyler Moody
William B. Robinson
Lauren Sobkoviak
Martin D.Fischer
Jeff Blasingame
Ken Relyea
Timothy King Smith
Casey Jones
David H Hendrix
Brian McCabe
Richard James
Jeremiah Farrington
Robert Kopperl
John Ramsey
Alan Bush
Paul Lyngard
Dave Fleming
Ernest Edington
David Mason
Careth Jefferson
Russell Bright
Alfred Lippman
Stephen DeFeo
Arthur Weeden
Norval Rasmussen
Christopher Siegle
Daryl Leger
Mike Quealy
Steven Kirpes
Michael Kinsinger
Nathan Haessly
William Anderson
Gregory J. Chase
Charles J, DiComo

December 2002 to December 2008

Tim McRee
Allowing us to photograph his many difficult Plate 4 examples and several fun late afternoon commute time conversations.

Marc Bedrin
Allowing us to photograph many difficult Plate 3 examples.

Frank Mastroeni
Allowing us to photograph 40 plus positions from Plate 1E, Plate 4 and Plate 11 and 12.

George Kopecky
Can't thank George enough for allowing us to photograph his many Plate 4 and Plate 11/12 examples.

Mark and Sandy Friedman
Many thanks for the donation of a very nice confirming example of 96L8 and allowing us the photograph many other patients.

Joel Doane
Thanks for allowing us to photograph your 2L4 and 32L4.

John and Gilda Messmer
Heartfelt thanks for much needed financial assistance and the unlimited access to their personal collection and Plate 1 Late right pane reconstruction.

Dennis Rice
Many thanks for loaning his collection and allowing us to photograph the complete top row of Plate 1L, 94L1L, 31R1L, 67-69R1L, 60L1L and numerous other Plate 1 Late positions which you will find scattered through out the Archive. Dennis has also been extremely helpful in spotting areas in need of correction within the Archive and his help is very much appreciated.

Dick Celler,
For always being there and helping me with late night typographical trainwrecks and for cross checking my work. Dick has also provided the Archive with 69R4 and 70R4 as well as many positions of Plate 9 and 10 which he and I feel is poorly documented in the Ashbrook/Neinken plating diagrams. Dick has also contributed his time and centerline measurement data to help fill out the many missing positions in the centerline database. Dick has also been extremely helpful in spotting areas in need of clarification and corrections within the Archive and his help is very much appreciated.

Mark D. Rogers,
Mark also has a wonderful website of the 1851-61 issues, postal history, essays and proofs. Please be sure to visit it. Mark has also helped me with some cross checking and has provided me with some great comments for updates and clarity.

Jim Baughman
Many thanks for loaning his collection and allowing us to photograph positions 30L4 and the "big flaw" variety, 12L2, 57R4, 58R4, 79R4, several Plate 2, Plate 1L, Plate 11 and Plate 12 positions. Jim has also generously provided several financial donations which are desprerately needed to help offset the costs of maintaining such a large online database. Jims contribution of 76R2 for photography helped confirm a newly discovered plating mark.

Chris Baisan
Chris provided several Plate 2 positions, most notable being 7L2 and several Plate 1Late positions. Chris also allowed us to photograph 10 or so Plate 2 "A" relief subjects which hopefully we will be able to plate as the Archive grows.

Gary Schrader
For contributing 82L1L image.

Joe Anciello of the J&D Stamp Co., Florida.
Joe always seems to find me the best copies of what I am looking for at a fair price.

Ian Nicholas Doporto.
Ian always knows when dad has spent to much time on the computer and in the lab.


Stanley M. Piller & Associates, Walnut Creek, CA
I would like to thank Stanley for allowing me to pester him at his shop. For letting me setup all the camera gear in his back room and for allowing me to photograph the complete sheet of 1875 Reprint Proofs (Scott 40P). I also would like to thank him for his encouragement and input with designing the new version of the Precision U.S. Specialty Perforation and Grill Multi Gauge. The sales of the Multi Gauge is used to provide the financial foundation for the website, film, software, computers and equipment used in creating this Archive.


Thanks for visiting this site. I hope you learn something new as we are making new discoveries all the time. You, the visitor, have my permission to link to my pages and to share the INFORMATION with others. The images themselves fall under the fair use guidelines established by the United States Congress and Copyright law. Basically contact us before using. I also ask in return that you send me an e-mail if I have made a mistake, or have made some other technical blunder that in my rush to put these pages up would cause the visitor confusion.

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